Geochange participates in three streams of project economics:

1) Pro Bono Publico ~ Community and Conservation
This stream is dedicated to community projects that have little to no funding.  Projects of this nature are conducted by Not-For-Profit organizations and may use trade bargaining to reward Geochange with work completed.

2) Academia ~ Research and Education Tool Development
This stream is dedicated to increasing knowledge and education..  Geochange engages in funding opportunities and scientific research support.  Geochange provides Project Initiation and Management services for small and complex projects.

3) Geochange Pro ~ Consulting and Instrumentation Services
This stream is to provide professional consulting services as Geochange Scientific INC.   Geochange Scientific INC. is a registered Canadian Corporation with business licences to perform work in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.
Structured charge out rates are applicable and are applied according to the scope of work and client.  Geochange Scientific Inc. compensates its employees to industry standard and all profit generated by its operation is deposited into the Geochange Research Trust to aid in accomplishing Geochange mission and goals.